Thursday, January 15, 2009

French II

En classe:
  • Introduction to Leçon 20 vocabulary (colors, and BANGS adjectives). Remember that almost all adjectives in French agree in number and gender according to the noun is modifies.
Les devoirs:
  • Complete the Leçon 20 vocabulary sheet as well as activities 1 and 2 in the packet.

French I

En classe:
  • Began Leçon 8 (vocabulary deals with days of the week, months of the year, asking someone the date of his/her birthday, telling someone the date of your birthday, etc.) Luckily this material is not new to you, so you are ahead of the game! Bravo :)
Les devoirs:
  • Complete the Leçon 8 vocabulary worksheet and the double-sided workbook activities.
  • Please bring a dry erase marker to class by Tuesday.

French Culture

2nd period: Made original Eiffel Tower paintings using the Georges Seurat technique of Pointillism based on the book we read about his life. Beautiful job, everyone!

9th period: Francophone presentations.