Monday, May 18, 2009

French II

En classe:
  • Discussed current events and artifacts.
  • Worked in groups to finalize and rehearse the for fashion show project.
Les devoirs:
  • Prepare, rehearse and familiarize yourself with your lines for the fashion show project - presentations begin Tuesday!

French I

**This week in French I, students will continue working on Leçon 15 (pages 106-117). We will concentrate on placement of adverbs and the construction of a verb + infinitive.**

En classe:
  • Daily review questions and conversations in French about weekend plans, etc.
  • Brief conversational review of adverbs.
  • Discussed current events and artifacts.
  • Passed back and made corrections to the Leçon 15 -er verb quiz.
  • Passed back family photo album projects.
  • Completed book page 114 activity 12 (1st period also completed activities 13 and 14 and discussed the construction of verb + infinitive).
Les devoirs:
  • Complete book page 117 activity 3.
  • Study for Thursday's quiz on adverbs (page 114).

French Culture

  • Discussed news articles and artifacts.
  • Discussed and reviewed famous Parisian monuments.
  • Discussed French cuisine, traditional/popular dishes, and eating habits.
  • Homework: Continue to research for the francophone project and study for Thursday's quiz on Parisian monuments.