Monday, February 23, 2009

French I

**This week in French I, we will finish our study of Leçon 10 (pages 62-65), celebrate Mardi Gras and begin Leçon 11 (pages 66-69).**

Expression pour la semaine: "Jette-moi quelque chose, monsieur!"

En classe:
  • Discussion of articles and artifacts.
  • Daily review questions and conversations in French about the weekend, etc.
  • Completed activities 1-4 on pages 64 and 65 with a partner.
  • Used a white board with a partner and wrote down sample requests you'd ask a waiter based on scenarios given in French by Ms. Young.
Les devoirs:
  • Study the Mardi Gras vocabulary in order to play games on Tuesday.
  • Make/buy/bring a Mardi Gras mask to class on Tuesday for extra credit.
  • Study for Wednesday's quiz on Leçon 10.

French Culture

2nd period:
  • Finished watching Ms. Young's trip to Paris and Luxembourg photos on PowerPoint.
  • Discussed impressions of these photos (interests, fascinations, etc).
  • Reviewed the map of France/Europe for tomorrow's quiz.
  • Homework: Study for Tuesday's map quiz.