Monday, May 3, 2010

French II

En classe:
  • Fashion show presentations.
Les devoirs:
  • Complete book pages 260-261 activities 4-6.
  • Bring in articles and artifacts on Tuesday since we didn't present them today.
  • Research Mathieu Kassovitz.

French I

En classe:
  • Daily review questions and conversations in French about weekend plans, etc.
  • Discussed articles and artifacts.
  • Reviewed and corrected Friday's homework (Leçon 15 vocabulary sheet).
  • Introduced and completed the -er verb worksheet.
Les devoirs:
  • Complete the -er verb review worksheet.
  • Research Mathieu Kassovitz.

French Culture

In class:
  • Finished discussing and taking notes on the Parisian monuments.
  • Bring in articles and artifacts.
  • Work on your francophone country project.
  • Study for Friday's Parisian monuments quiz.
  • Research Remé Préval.