Thursday, August 27, 2009

French II

En classe:
  • Daily review questions and conversations in French.
  • Worked with a partner and gave directions and commands to review classroom objects and expressions.
  • Introduced and discussed the "Cet été project. Read the directions carefully and bring in your final project on Monday, August 31.
Les devoirs:
  • Cet été project and all supplies (binder, divider, dry erase markers, etc.) are due Monday.

French Culture

No class today! See you on Friday!

French I

En classe (In class)

  • Reviewed French names and practiced introductions in French.
  • Made French name tags.
  • Discussed the weather in French.
  • Introduced and labeled classroom objects around the room in French.
  • Played a race game in order to review classroom objects.
  • Handed out a "Expressions en clase" worksheet in order to introduce useful French classroom expressions and commands.
Les devoirs (Homework)
  • Review/study the classroom expressions.
  • Purchase all necessary materials by Monday for your first grade!