Thursday, March 25, 2010

French II

En classe:
  • Daily review questions and conversations in French about Spring Break plans, etc.
  • Handed back and made corrections to the Monuments Parisiens quiz.
  • Played French games.
Les devoirs:
  • Rien!

French I

En classe:
  • Daily review conversations and conversations in French.
  • Discussed "wishes" and "wants" using the Leçon 13 vocabulary.
  • Reviewed the second Leçon 13 vocabulary worksheet.
  • Played French games.
Les devoirs:
  • Rien! (Nothing!)

French Culture

In class:
  • Discussed articles and artifacts.
  • Discussed this week's famous francophone: Wyclef Jean.
  • Handed out and discussed progress reports.
  • Worked on projects in the Media Center.
  • Work on your francophone country ABC books.
  • Bring in articles and artifacts.