Thursday, February 11, 2010

French I - Leçon 10 Study Guide

Here are a few practice sentences/questions to help you study for the Leçon 10 quiz. If you have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message. After you've done the assignment, if you'd like the answers, let me know :)

1. May I help you?

2. I would like a tea, a pineapple juice, and a coffee with cream.

3. This is for me.

4. Give me an espresso, please. (informal)

5. Are you thirsty? (informal)

6. That's for me!

7. I would like a Coke with some ice, please (formal).

8. I'm thirsty! I would like a water with strawberry syrup.

9. Do you want a grapefruit juice or a tea? (informal)

10. Do you want a water with mint syrup or a lemonade? (formal)