Monday, August 30, 2010

French II

In classe: (En classe:)
  • Introduced the Expression pour la semaine and handed out the worksheet. Save this for the entire year!
  • Discussed weekend plans, the weather, date, time, etc. in French.
  • Shared and discussed articles and artifacts. Handed out the Nouveaux Mots worksheet. Save this for the entire trimester!
  • Introduced the sang the songs of the week: "Bonjour!" and "Qui je suis."
  • Presented the "Cet ete" projects.
  • Worked on the ABC book sentences with a partner.
Homework: (Les devoirs:)
  • Finish writing your ABC book sentences. We'll work on the final product in class on Tuesday.
  • Research this week's famous francophone: Nicolas Sarkozy. This week, it is due on THURSDAY.