Tuesday, November 16, 2010

French I

En classe:
  • Daily review questions and conversations in French.
  • Brief review activity to review the Leçon 5 vocabulary.
  • Introduced and discussed the Thanksgiving vocabulary in French.
  • Played "Flyswatter" to review numbers 60-79.
Les devoirs:
  • Study the Leçon 5 vocabulary in preparation for Friday's quiz.
  • Bring in an extra credit project using the Thanksgiving words in French: crossword puzzle, word search, word scramble, classroom decorations, Thanksgiving card, etc. Remember that you must use at least five French vocabulary words, and if you do a crossword uzzle, word search or a word scramble, use all capital letters and no articles (le, la, l', un, une).
  • Research Friday's famous francohone: Louis Braille.