Thursday, April 29, 2010

Leçon 14 review guide

Do as much of this as you can without using your book or vocabulary sheet. Check your answers when you are done.

1. I'm not on vacation in Paris.

2. We are in class.

3. Are you (pl.) at home or in town?

4. Who is there?

5. Where is Pierre?

6. Where are Sophie and Isabelle?

7. You (pl.) aren't French, right? (isn't that so?)

8. Do you (s.) agree with me?

9. He doesn't agree with Thomas.

10. Of course not! I don't agree with you (s.)!

11. Are Marc and Joëlle at the cafe?

12. Of course, I'm American (f.)!

13. Anne and Claire are in Chicago, but I'm in Boston.

14. Are they (f.) at the movies with Guy or Michèle?

15. You (s.) are not in France, right? (isn't that so?)